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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Mall burritos ain't that bad

Usually mall food isn't your first choice after a day of shopping. But if you had to choose what do you usually go for? Some may go for the shortest line or the most reasonably priced, but next time your at Yorkdale Mall and the food court is packed try going to Taco Villa for a hand-made burrito!
The lines are usually short and quick, you can choose from a range of fajitas, nachos, burritos, and burrito platters, no worries if you don't have cash on your because they do accept debt and credit.
Lets focus on the burritos themselves, at Taco Villa you choose between chicken, vegetarian, steak, and pork. Toppings are of personal choice, they don't have a wide range of selection but there is the usual toppings, tomatoes, and fresh guacamole for an extra 2.00$. 
The meat is all fresh, every now and again they have someone chopping the cooked meat in front of you, its all made and grilled in front of you. The only downfall to these burritos is they usually don't grill it long enough, instead of a soft crunchy burrito its just soft. Not saying the burrito tastes bad its just a tad disappointing to how  I like my burritos prepared.
 BUT! for a mall burrito they are not bad, actually they are quite delicious. You have the choice of pita, white or whole wheat and if you are an employee in Yorkdale Mall this franchise does give you mall discounts. Instead of your burrito costing you $7 and more, its around $5.50 with no drink.
Careful these burrito do fill an empty stomach, the suggestion is do not get more than one; no matter how hungry you think you are two burritos is a stomach full. And always say please & thank you even if you happen to catch them on a busy day and the line is longer than anticipated from my experiences. Always remember Taco Villa at Yorkdale Mall, this mall burrito ain't that bad!
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