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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Burrito Bandidos!!

Burrito Bandidos!

This was an excellent burrito! This was my first time visiting Burrito Bandidos. There was another time I was going to get a burrito after a night out with the buddies but they were closed. The service at any burrito place with young hip adults working there is going to have a very friendly and relaxed atmosphere. I went to the Burrito Bandidos at Bloor St. W, at Walmer Road. It is a bit small but there is a bar table and stools to sit and enjoy an excellent burrito. Order your burrito small or large remember 10 or 12 inch white or whole wheat pita; Burrito Bandidos lets you mix with steak, chicken, shrimp, and halibut, vegetarian to but that is pretty much the same as getting the vegetable toppings on your burrito. 
I went to Burrito Bandidos with a friend two burritos is better than one. I got a whole wheat small yes I know small (I had a big lunch earlier) but a small whole wheat chicken and shrimp burrito, my friend was a warrior and got a large whole wheat shrimp and steak burrito. After selecting the type of burrito you say what toppings you want and what toppings you don't want, take a seat; chill and wait for your burrito to be made. They give you an order number, its only really important to remember your burrito order number when its busy but if its dead and you and a few other people in there just remember your burrito. The price for a burrito and drink and very similar to those of other burrito places but the halibut burrito is the most expensive and you can only get it in a large. OH Burrito Bandidos doesn't charge for fresh guacamole either! All the other burrito places I've been too they charge an 2.00$ for fresh guacamole, Burrito Bandidos does not charge you and it tasted fresher than any other guacamole I've had! Its exactly like home-made guacamole. 

The juiciest burrito I've had yet! 
Yes! I did say juicy, because that is what the chicken and shrimp burrito was! JUICY! And I'm sure my friend who got a shrimp and steak burrito would agree. Not only was the burrito grilled to perfection with a bit of crunch but soft enough to still bite into it with ease. Burrito Bandidos has a generous selection of toppings and sauces to choose from, with these options available I usually get everything except jalapenos, sometimes I'm afraid that will be too spicy. As well as the sauces I choose all the sauces, that is a factor as to why the burrito was juicy but it was also the grilled chicken and shrimp, the fresh vegetables, the well cooked rice and beans, and then the fresh guacamole with its brilliant beautiful green color! The first bite into the burrito was just the best, all the toppings mixing together in one bite with none of the toppings falling all over the place, its a messy burrito, but it all the toppings stay together in the pita. 

         These are the burritos from Burrito Bandidos
    Chicken and Shrimp burrito            Shrimp and Steak burrito                                                          

These pictures up top the shrimp isn't visible enough BUT this picture has a nice big piece of shrimp. 

"Chicken and Shrimp hmmmm I don't know...."
That was the first thing I said prior to trying a chicken and shrimp burrito, but I assure you it is absolutely delicious! The chicken is soft and warm and melts in your mouth, grilled to perfection. The shrimp is perfectly pink and clean off all shell and skin, and the shrimp is pared perfectly with anything. When biting into the shrimp its like a quick pop of crunch it just pops and crunches at the same time, that is an odd way to describe it but every time I bite into the burrito and got a bite of shrimp that was the only way I could think of describing the shrimp and good it tasted. Getting a burrito mixed with shrimp is highly recommended, and no matter how big of a lunch you had I want to recommend always get a large as opposed to small, because once you finish a burrito from Burrito Bandidos you will want more! BELIEVE ME! ITS JUST THAT GOOD! 
The location that is posted is not the only location available, if you want to check out more locations and menus visit
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