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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Humber College North and the burritos they serve!

I bet a lot of students who attend and attended the Humber College North campus went through many semesters and years without the realization of burritos on campus! But guess what folks burritos on the campus of Humber College North does have fresh burritos!!!!
My discovery of  the burritos was by my self and it was on a random day a few semesters ago, during the spring season. Now on this particular day as my day was slowly drawing to an end I couldn't stop but notice how many students had burritos. At first I was a little confused, during that semester I had a lot of long breaks and would consistently hang out in the student cafeteria, burritos never ever crossed my mind until I smelled the pita, meat and guacamole.

This is part of what the menu looks like at Humber College, I just took a picture of the burrito side of the menu because it pertains to the topic. BUT! They serve more than burritos if that doesn't tickle your fancy.

The Burrito Lingo

You can get one of two sizes, its a basic difference between small or large, NO MEDIUM! We're here to eat people! The small burrito is the 10" and the large burrito is a 12". There is always a choice of white or whole wheat pita, chicken, steak, beef, or vegetarian, there is no shrimp option on the menu. The burrito I purchased this afternoon was a 12" chicken burrito on whole wheat pita; I usually recommend a whole wheat pita, fills you up a little less compared to the white pita. The making of these is just like any other burrito place; you choose your size of burrito, the type of pita, and then meat ingredient along with or without rice and beans. (P.S it ain't an authentic burrito unless you get the rice and beans!) When I get a burrito I go all out!

The Burrito that was made @ Humber College North! 

 These is just a sneak peak, of some of the toppings and selections they offer, I couldn't get all the toppings in the picture but its the usual.

The Burrito I tried.....
On this particular afternoon I decided to get the 12" chicken burrito on whole wheat pita. I not a big fan of beef, pork or steak, so much of the burritos I try is chicken and or shrimp; I've never tried a veggie burrito just because I would feel there's not enough in my burrito. For this particular burrito at the Humber everything was good, it was grilled just enough so it was a but crunchy but soft enough to bite into, and the ingredients were fresh. On my burrito I got spicy salsa sauce no jalapenos and another kind of spicy sauce they have, you can, mix and match between two different kinds of beans. (which I did, and it was goooooood) The best thing about the 12" chicken burrito was the fresh guacamole, it is 2.00$ extra which is expected; this guacamole is GOOD! You can see the guacamole in the picture above, the beautiful green colour was perfect looked fresh, and when tasting the guacamole it tasted hand-made, not like something you would scoop out of a container from a grocery store. The grill is like a massive George Foreman grill, not a flat top grill; so when your burrito gets grilled you can be certain the grill marks are on your burrito!
Overall the burrito at Humber College North was a delicious success! Not as good as other burritos I've tried, but most definitely better than the mall burrito!