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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Big Fat Burrito 'I love em' big and fat'

Something you might say after eating a large burrito from 'Big Fat Burrito'.

The burrito obsession
Big Fat Burrito was the first burrito place that opened my taste-buds to a world of Mexican cuisine burritos! It started when me and two other friends wanted some good grub after a night out of drinking, first making a trip to Burrito Bandidos only to find out they were closed, we then walked over to Big Fat Burrito. The Annex location is open late on weekends, Fridays and Saturdays they're open till 3:30 A.M which is perfect timing for after a night out of drinking. It is busy with people talking loudly and it may take a little while if it is busy, but damn is it ever a good burrito. The first time I went there I got a large chicken burrito with everything on it except jalapenos, just like many burritos grilled to perfection and has a good amount of weight to it. After finishing that burrito for the first time I had to find other places that served burritos, and after already trying a few places Big Fat Burrito is still one of my favorites, but now that spot is shared with a few other places that make amazing burritos. 

What Big Fat Burrito does for you
Big Fat Burrito has 3 locations all in the Toronto area. There is a location in Kensington Market (285 Augusta Avenue) The Annex location at 529 Bloor Street West (open late on Fridays and Saturdays till 3:30 A.M) and then the Bay and Dundas located at 112 Dundas Street West. The Big Fat Burrito location I visited on two different occasions was the Annex location. Big Fat Burrito for the most part is very similar compared to to a few other burrito places in the downtown Toronto area, the trendy decor the burrito bar for a quick sit down, stocked fridge full of soft drinks, and the cool trendy young adults working and making your burritos the best they can be. Not only does the chill atmosphere make you feel calm and collective but the burritos make you feel satisfied and full for days; who doesn't like those feelings of burrito satisfaction. 
Big Fat Burrito is one of the only places I've tried so far that serve pulled-pork burritos, and if you like yams in your burritos you can get that for only a dollar, fresh guacamole isn't extra; just the yams. My self and my two burrito friends who joined me for some burrito grub didn't choose yams either so I judge the flavors; I can only imagine that if your a fan of yams it would taste delicious. Just in general its better when burrito places have their beans a bean paste instead of actual beans, both would be nice, beans and bean paste; but I personally prefer a brown bean paste as opposed to actual beans, it just spreads and taste better; most of the places I've gone use a bean paste except the burritos at Humber College, and the Burritos at Yorkdale's Taco Villa. But then again no offence to them their burritos are pretty good but not as good as these downtown Toronto locations. 

Chicken, Pulled-Pork, and Steak

Large Chicken Burrito with everything on it except jalapenos (All sauces included).

Large Pulled-Pork Burrito with everything on it except green and red peppers (All sauces included).

Large Steak Burrito everything on it EVERYTHING (All sauces included). 

*None of these burritos had added yams* 

Was Big Fat Burrito Fat enough?
Big Fat Burrito has some of the fattest, biggest burritos in terms of small and large burritos. Ingredients are very similar to those of other burrito places you have the selection of meat, Big Fat Burrito is one of the only locations I know of so far that have pulled-pork and yams. But guacamole is fresh, rice is good! The bean paste is delicious and brown, the pitas are grilled crunchy enough to hear it but soft enough to bit into. The chicken, pulled-pork, and steak is grilled to perfection as it steams out through the rest of the ingredients and the pita. Big Fat Burrito does not let you mix meat ingredients like Burrito Bandidos does, and Big Fat Burrito doesn't offer a shrimp burrito. BUT! they do have veggie small or large, yam small or large, ground beef large or small, and as you know the last three that I have been talking about over and over again, the chicken, pulled-pork and steak large or small. Even though Big Fat Burritos has some of the fattest burritos I've ever eaten and it sounds very filling (which it is) I STILL HIGHLY RECOMMEND EVERYTHING ON IT AND A LARGE BURRITO! 
Something I've learned after eating a few burritos is when you don't get a large after you finish the small your a little sad that you don't have those last few bites to finish off and savor the last little bit of that fabulous burrito. 


Sunday, February 12, 2012