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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Sneaky Dee`s and their suspicious sneaky surprise!

Never been to Sneaky Dee's? You have to go! The food is amazing! This is a blog about burritos but right now I have to focus on Sneaky Dee's. Some who know of Sneaky Dee's and have never been because you think its just a bar for young tatted up kids. But the food is amazing! I've had a few things off of their menu, a chicken burger which was amazing! And most recently the King Crown Nachos (No beef) as we know I don't eat beef and their chicken burrito that defeated me!

King Crown Nachos
 Close Up!
 Underneath the first layer there is a bowl built from tortilla chips where the sauteed beans lay 

All this food was split between 3 people, and its still a lot, especially because we all got a burrito as well. I recommend getting one or the other. The burrito is a meal on its own and its more than enough for one person or even two (If you have a small appetite). And again you can check out Sneaky Dee's menu at this link!

The burrito and beer that defeated my appetite! 
We also got 2 pitchers of beer when we were there and that is always nice but is not recommended. Drink slow and eat slow trust me the end result will not be pretty; its a messy show. 


You have a choice between veggie, chicken or beef burrito. I and one of my friends ordered chicken and my other friend got beef. As you saw above the burrito is the flour tortilla with the beans and meat in wrapped in the pita, off to the side is the flavored rice with corn and lettuce with tomatoes; and you have to use Sneaky Dee's spicy sauce. The burrito is the suspicious sneaky surprise because I was unsure how much I would like the burrito, ``I`m not able to see what they put the burrito! How the make it!`` IT was fine the burrito was delicious very filling but delicious, after my second trip to use the bathroom I walked back to the table with my belt undone and jean button undone; I was starting to feel like my stomach was going to explode. Sit back down take a few more bites, few more sips of beer, after a few more bites and a few more sips of beer you feel like if you ingest one more thing you will throw up and or explode; I had to stop. 

I did not finish that burrito portion and the rest of my beer, but before exiting Sneaky Dee's I gulped down a few sips of beer and that was the biggest mistake throughout the whole night! After walking a few steps around the block away from Sneaky Dee's I felt like the food in my stomach was clumping together after the beer, and that is when those last 3 gulps of beer decided to leave my stomach. Its safe to assume those 3 gulps ended up spattered on the side walk. Sorry if that`s a little gross but I had to warn everyone, 2 pitchers of beer King Crown Nachos and burrito each is a lot of heavy heavy food. Don`t try it unless you know you can survive. 
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