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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Home-Made Bacon Breakfast Burrito!

BACON! Is awesome in the morning with a nice side of scrambled eggs and a hot cup of coffee or tea, which ever one tickles your fancy; personally I love a nice cup of coffee in the morning. BUT this post isn't about coffee or tea, its about burritos! And the delicious what I like to call a BACON BREAKFAST BURRITO! Sounds filling it is! Yes the only difference between my home-made burrito and other burritos is the bacon.

Make your own Bacon Breakfast Burrito
The breakfast burrito doesn't have to have bacon in it, it is highly recommended; but is not necessary if for some reason you have something against bacon. Which by the way if you do have an issue with bacon I suggest you resolve that issue A.S.A.P! Because bacon I think is one of the most amazing pieces of meat cut off the fattest part of the pig. I used chicken bacon but pork bacon is fine to, I recommend the chicken bacon because it less fatty and posses less oil.
The guacamole was made the night before. But you just smush or blend avocado, 2 cloves of garlic, quarter cup of onion, lemon or lime juice or both, 4 cherry tomatoes, 1 stem of cilantro, 1/6 of jalapenos and salt and pepper for taste; as you know some of these ingredient in guacamole are optional.
The first thing I did was scramble the eggs and heat the pan, I had a second pan heating up for the bean paste and put a few scoops of the beans on pan with some olive oil. Soften them up a bit more and then I added some white rice that was cooked the night before, and mixed that in with the beans, I added jalapenos to the rice and beans and let it cook on low for the rest of the time the eggs cooked.
With the eggs scrambled and the pan hot enough I poured the eggs onto the pan, I like to cook green onions with eggs. While that cooked on low, I started a third pan for the chicken bacon once the pan is hot enough I put some oil down and put the chicken bacon down. You have to constantly keep an eye on the bean paste because it will stick if you do not mix it around a bit every now and then.
Once everything was cooked I took the pitas and started with the cooked scrambled eggs, the beans went on top of the eggs, and then some chopped Provolone cheese, I put the bacon down, lettuce, sour creme, guacamole, salsa sauce.
Don't stuff the pita too much

And that may happen if you stuff the pita too much, or if the pita's aren't big enough. In my case I would say the pita is definitely not large enough. The burritos didn't wrap so I couldn't grill them on the George Foreman, its a sad time when a pita isn't big enough to wrap it tight enough into a perfectly round burrito. But the does not mean its not a burrito if it doesn't wrap and it half wrapped. 
That was the messiest burrito I ever ate; a lot fell out but dang! It was still an amazing home-made bacon breakfast burrito! I hope the cooking instructions were easy to read and follow and guess what! If you have your own burrito recipe you can tell me about it on my awesome burrito pages! 


Thursday, April 5, 2012

BarBurrito - Quick serve Mexican Grill!

I've seen this burrito restaurant a few times when I was walking around the downtown Toronto area around Yonge and Wellesley and saw BarBurrito; naturally the evening I first saw the Mexican Grill I ran across the street and checked the times BarBurrito was open. CLOSE SUNDAYS! I was a little devastated to read that, but it was fine because I figured one Saturday I will sometime before the day was over and check this place out. 

Saturday evening March 31 7:30, me and 3 other friends are trying to get Chino Loco's (another burrito place referred from a friend) But they were closed! So naturally I said "well we passed BarBurrito on our way here, lets go back there and get a burrito" So we turned around and walked over to BarBurrito to get a few burritos; at this point we were starving! So we were really looking forward to unwrapping and sinking our teeth into a juicy warm perfectly wrapped burrito! 

MMMMMMM... BarBurrito makes awesome burritos! 
If your ever shopping downtown around the Yonge and Wellesley area because it is a great shopping area stop by for a burrito; after all that walking a burrito will do yuh some good on an empty stomach. When first walking into the Mexican Grill there is a beautiful soft smell of spice, its really nice, its almost a refreshing smell of fresh chopped spice sauces waiting to be smeared over top of a burrito. The service is excellent very polite, professional yet casual. You have a choice of a small or large burrito choosing of meat like pork, chicken, ground beef, and I think steak the usual veggie burrito, they also have a choice of a kids burrito with is a 8" burrito; the little one can feel like a grown up too eating a delicious burrito. After choosing the ingredients and size of burrito you can take a seat, chill and wait for that burrito to be grilled and then devoured by your hungry burrito appetite. Choice of drink, authentic Mexican pop and juices or the usual canned pops and juices, after taxes its around 7.00$ to 10.00$ as are most burrito places. 
The large is very comparable to Burrito Bandidos as well as BurritoBoyz, as well as the taste of the ingredients very fresh, quick, grilled to perfection and delicious! BARBURRITO LOCATIONS! Check out the link for other locations near your area! And if you want to check out the menu!! BARBURRITO MENU!


Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Sneaky Dee`s and their suspicious sneaky surprise!

Never been to Sneaky Dee's? You have to go! The food is amazing! This is a blog about burritos but right now I have to focus on Sneaky Dee's. Some who know of Sneaky Dee's and have never been because you think its just a bar for young tatted up kids. But the food is amazing! I've had a few things off of their menu, a chicken burger which was amazing! And most recently the King Crown Nachos (No beef) as we know I don't eat beef and their chicken burrito that defeated me!

King Crown Nachos
 Close Up!
 Underneath the first layer there is a bowl built from tortilla chips where the sauteed beans lay 

All this food was split between 3 people, and its still a lot, especially because we all got a burrito as well. I recommend getting one or the other. The burrito is a meal on its own and its more than enough for one person or even two (If you have a small appetite). And again you can check out Sneaky Dee's menu at this link!

The burrito and beer that defeated my appetite! 
We also got 2 pitchers of beer when we were there and that is always nice but is not recommended. Drink slow and eat slow trust me the end result will not be pretty; its a messy show. 


You have a choice between veggie, chicken or beef burrito. I and one of my friends ordered chicken and my other friend got beef. As you saw above the burrito is the flour tortilla with the beans and meat in wrapped in the pita, off to the side is the flavored rice with corn and lettuce with tomatoes; and you have to use Sneaky Dee's spicy sauce. The burrito is the suspicious sneaky surprise because I was unsure how much I would like the burrito, ``I`m not able to see what they put the burrito! How the make it!`` IT was fine the burrito was delicious very filling but delicious, after my second trip to use the bathroom I walked back to the table with my belt undone and jean button undone; I was starting to feel like my stomach was going to explode. Sit back down take a few more bites, few more sips of beer, after a few more bites and a few more sips of beer you feel like if you ingest one more thing you will throw up and or explode; I had to stop. 

I did not finish that burrito portion and the rest of my beer, but before exiting Sneaky Dee's I gulped down a few sips of beer and that was the biggest mistake throughout the whole night! After walking a few steps around the block away from Sneaky Dee's I felt like the food in my stomach was clumping together after the beer, and that is when those last 3 gulps of beer decided to leave my stomach. Its safe to assume those 3 gulps ended up spattered on the side walk. Sorry if that`s a little gross but I had to warn everyone, 2 pitchers of beer King Crown Nachos and burrito each is a lot of heavy heavy food. Don`t try it unless you know you can survive. 
I have a youtube channel too! 

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Quesada Mexican Grill

The infamous 14" burrito!
Quesada Mexican Grill ran out of rice when I visited March 11th so I couldn't get the 14" burrito they serve the "Big Ass Burrito", instead I settled with declining and letting them know I will gladly come back another evening; you know by the previous blog written last week that a friend and I visited Chipotle Mexican Grill. The good thing is I did go back to Quesada Mexican Grill if it wasn't for the Big Ass Burrito I would have resented them and never gone back; the Big Ass Burrito makes them special, and its a very special burrito too! The Sunday I went back a week after the 11th I asked for a "Big Ass Burrito, Spicy Chicken Chipotle please". 

As you see in the background of the picture Quesada Mexican Grill serves beer as well and that is always nice when your eating a 14" burrito. As you can see yes the burrito is slightly bigger than the water bottle; that's a Nestle water bottle just in case you needed to be reminded the size of a water bottle. The location I went to was at King and Church (Toronto) and on Sundays they close at 9. If you would like to check out other locations or menu options you can visit

My self my brother and my friend who always enjoys an excellent burrito all got the 14" Big Ass Burrito; My brother had a Steak burrito with everything on it, my friend had the Shrimp burrito everything on it except tomatoes, and I had the Spicy Chicken burrito and it is SPICY! My mouth was on fire within the first bite, its good its delicious but if spice is not a good friend of yours WARNING! Do not get the Spicy Chipotle burrito, not unless you think you can handle the spice. I also don't recommend getting medium spicy sauce and then jalapenos either, I did that and had to live with my choice I was not disappointed but my mouth was on fire! So unless spice is your absolute best friend then do what I did and order a Spicy Chicken Chipotle burrito with EVERYTHING ON IT! And if your really tough I dare you to try a Spicy Chicken Chipotle burrito with the fiery hot sauce that will give it a kick! 

As for the burritos being enormous they were all also delicious! Guacamole is 75 cents extra but its worth it because its delicious and all fresh; as all the other burritos places have been. The only ingredient that was a little disappointing was the rice it was a little uncooked, but that did not ruin the burrito; it was still delicious and I do recommend visiting a Quesada Mexican Grill location near you as well as gaining the appetite to try a Big Ass Burrito. 



Thursday, March 15, 2012

Chipotle Mexican Grill

Really my friend and my self were supposed to get a BIG ASS BURRITO (14" burrito) from Quesada Mexican Grill but were disappointed soon after arrival BECAUSE THEY RAN OUT OF RICE! WHAT KIND OF BURRITO PLACE RUNS OUT OF RICE?!?!?! (NO RICE NO SERVICE!!!) So we kindly had to decline and move on the next burrito place, well the next Mexican Grill restaurant. Which was Chipotle Mexican Grill! Quesada not only have 14" burritos but they also serve beer! So you can enjoy a cold beer with any meal burrito or not! But you know I of course recommend a burrito!

As you can see Chipotle Mexican Grill serves beer too!!!!! Which is awesome!!!! As for the burritos they make; not so awesome. To be reasonable Chipotle Mexican Grill isn't a restaurant dedicated to burritos, I'm positive the other menu choices are delicious. But I went for a burrito and it wasn't the best but that was fine, because I had a beer with my burrito; even though the beer was good its not only about the beer its about the burrito.

Two burritos Same process
They have spicy Chicken chipotle it was goood! The chicken was spicy and yummy and hot and good! I recommend chipotle because everybody who loves spice loves chipotle, the other burrito was a large steak burrito and again also the meat was good. Alright so the meats were good, the guacamole was fresh but cost an extra 2.00$, the rice is pretty good flavorful, you get a choice of white or brown, I prefer brown rice and the sour cream was pretty good too! BUT! They steam the pita so they can stretch it, and when the rest of the ingredients are stuffed into that warm steamed pita  and then wrapped into the fine burrito they don't grill it! THEY DON'T GRILL THE BURRITO! This is why I say the burrito was pretty good, not very good, not amazing, pretty good. Because the burrito isn't grilled after the stuffing and wrapping process, you get a burrito that has a warmish soft pita, hot delicious meat, warm rice, and cold cold cold guacamole, cold cold cold sour cream, and the other ingredients are warm; get another dish from Chipotle Mexican Grill and unless you like colder ingredients get a burrito, but I wouldn't recommend it. And that's all I have to say about that; again this is just about the burrito it has nothing to do with Chipotle Mexican Grill as an establishment, the rest of the menu looked really good and I will definitely go back and order something instead of a pita steamed burrito.

Steak Burrito

Chipotle Chicken Burrito
 There napkins are made from 90% recycled paper!





Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Refrigerated Microwavable burritos YUCK!

This is the story all about the pre-made grocery-bought packaged refrigerated microwavable chicken and cheese burritos. It was the usual Thursday evening......... GROCERIES! My dad walks in with groceries and I start to put some away only so I can check out what he bought of course.
Sitting in the bag is this clear package with a sticker that says Don Miguel BURRITOS chicken and cheese with rice, beans, corn, and a few other ingredients but its hard to pick them apart once its microwaved. Its always gross to have to use the microwave to cook something, and I did think of putting it in the oven but I didn't have the patience.

"Cooking" Directions
Its not recommended to put it in the microwave and I'm not referring to Don Miguel and their recommendation but my personal burrito recommendation. You put it on a plate and heat it for 2 minutes on high rotating the burrito every 30 seconds. Your not going to kill the burrito if you don't rotate it but the tortilla does stick a little. When you take it out it is very hot! So you do have to honestly let it sit. First off I ate it with a fork and knife, the burrito felt like it was going to fall apart, and it was.......... bad, I had to give half to my sister, I couldn't finish the burrito it was so bad; don't use the microwave. What do you you use to cook the burrito? A conventional oven OR something better, something every kitchen should have and that is a George Foreman Grill! I have to be honest this wasn't my idea, it was my brothers. I walked into the kitchen one evening and smelled grilled pita with cheese; "Is that a burrito?" "yea" "Did you buy that?" "No, its the ones in the fridge." "You grilled it in the George Foreman?" "Yah", "Humph,..... smart".
Sooner or later my stomach started to speak I walked over to the fridge and took out the last Don Miguel burrito. I took it out of the package and plugged in the George Foreman, this grill is awesome because it doesn't take long to heat up and it gets very hot, you can cook anything with George Foreman. I placed the burrito in the grill and flipped it every now and then, it probably took around the same time as it would to cook it in the microwave, but it taste so much better on the George Foreman. 
For the burrito its self and how it tasted it was OK the rice is flavored so that was good, the cheese is gross its cheese paste, cheese whiz or something, and chicken was pretty good, the white flour tortilla was disgusting! and its gross cooked in the microwave a bit better with George Foreman but not too much of a difference.


Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Burrito Boyz. The HomeBoyz of Burritos!

There usually isn't any argument when it comes to whether or not Burrito Boyz makes the cut for excellent burritos. Because they do! Its well known, and just not from the burritos themselves but because of the many burrito locations Burrito Boyz has! 
First off I'm going to say if you are unaware of Burrito Boyz then introduce your self! ACTUALLY if you don't know any burritos GO INTRODUCE YOUR SELF! You will never regret having a burrito as a friend! 

As said above and previously Burrito Boyz has lots of locations LOTS! There is no reason NOT to drop by and try a burrito none at all; SO NO EXCUSES FOR NOT TRYING BURRITO BOYZ! 
There is the two locations in Toronto 218 Adelaide St West and 575 College St West both are open Monday to Wednesday from 11am to 11pm; Thursdays 11am to 3am; Friday and Saturday 11am to 4am; and last but not least the day of rest Sunday 11am to 11pm. Even Burrito Boyz gives you many reasons to visit and grab a burrito. The rest of the Burrito Boyz locations are in Mississauga, Brampton, Etobicoke, Streetsville, and Waterloo. For the relation to the name of the blog I will only mention the Toronto locations but you can check out the other locations at

The well achieved deserved burritos!

The burritos my self and a friend got the night of Sunday February 26TH were well deserved burritos. The usual shift on Sunday evenings at Sportchek the mall and stores close at 7:00pm and the associates get out at 8:00. Yes it is enough time to grab a burrito from Burrito Boyz considering they close at 11pm on Sundays; but there was a co-worker of ours that was having going away gathering celebration for leaving our store and going to another Sportchek at a new mall. My self and my friend agreed to attend the going away gathering and leave 10:00pm at the very latest, giving us an hour to grab a juicy burrito. The going away gathering took place at Moxies in Yorkdale mall, we wanted to leave at 10:00 but service is not fast at Moxies and it takes a while to get an order, a beer, or even your bill. So we ended up paying our bill at 10:14pm; giving us 46 minutes to make it from Yorkdale to Burrito Boyz at 575 College St West we were determined to make it on time and not be the 10:58 last minute customers. We power walk to Yorkdale subway station, the southbound transit arrives just in time; we run up the escalator and run onto the train. All of a sudden over the subway train speaker there is a Transit announcement regarding Dundas West station and a police investigation, we panic; not knowing how were going to get a burrito. Then a second announcements echos through the Transit subway train; the announcement was something about skipping Dundas West station and going straight through to Spadina station our eyes widened with joy! The doors open we jump out of our seats and run out the subway doors, were halfway up the escalator till we hear the three warning beeps and the doors closing, by the time we exit Spadina station its 10:48! 12 minutes to get a burrito! Its close to a 10, 15 minute walk from Spadina station to Burrito Boyz. We figured if we power walk and jog not at the same time but switch back and forth from the two we will make it there for 10:55. The long power strides start and the time is consistently checked we have to make it there before 11; even if we get shin splints. Finally we`re half way there! Its so exciting, that red street light we saw is getting bigger and bigger, we can see it more clearly with every step, we start to jog, and not a slow jog, but a quicker sprint jog, we have to get burritos its 10:55 the time we wanted to be there by; now its not about whether or not we get there with 5 minutes to spare, now its about getting there before 10:58, we do not want to be 10:58 people and will try to do anything to get there before 10:58. We start to jog again, and this time its for a block or a block in a half but a good 2 or 3 blocks straight jogging; we turn onto College and the sign, we can see it clear as day, practically glowing as you see every letter BURRITO BOYZ! We walk in and I ask loudly and out of breath,``WE KNOW YOUR ABOUT TO CLOSE BUT CAN WE STILL GET A BURRITO? ITS FOR A BLOG FOR SCHOOL!"
They look at each other think about it for a quick second, before I interrupt once more to say quickly, "we would be very thankful and appreciative if we can get a quick burrito, were sorry we got here late but we tried to be as early before 11:00 as possible"; the burrito guy who grills all the burritos says sure, and so we approach the cash and order our burritos. "A large chicken and shrimp burrito on whole wheat with EVERYTHING ON IT! EVERYTHING!" "Can I get a large steak and shrimp burrito on whole wheat with EVERYTHING ON it, except tomatoes and green peppers". After our orders are taken down and typed into the cash register the cashier tells us "just to let you know for the future we do close at 11:00"; I replied "I know we're really sorry we meant to make it here sooner, but we were at work and left a little late getting here, and I really needed a burrito so I can write it on my blog". After that she was very understanding and we all continued to have simple conversations about work, and customers, and work; as we continued to wait for our burritos to be made. 
I'm sure your wondering why these were well achieved deserved burritos, its because we made it before 11:00pm (10:58pm) still got two large mixed burritos and they tasted better than ever! Better than I remembered the first time I got a burrito from Burrito Boyz. 

As said before there were two large mixed burritos on whole wheat pita and two Cokes. Just like the burritos from Burrito Bandidos these burritos were juuuicy! Again as said before getting Shrimp in your burrito with any meat is good! The shrimp is warm and soft but still has a crunchy bite to it as well as a bit of chew to it; its a crewnch! Medium spicy; spicy sauce, corn, cilantro, jalapenos, I've started to get jalapenos on my burritos it does taste better; its not too spicy if spice is a good friend of yours. Words from Ethan regarding the steak and shrimp burrito " The steak and shrimp burrito was delicious. The meat was fresh and well cooked the shrimp was juicy. The toppings were all fresh and the burrito was grilled crispier than any other burrito so far; which was nice. This was a similar style burrito to Burrito Bandidos. I do prefer Burrito Bandidos because their burritos are juicy, its not like Burrito Boyz still ain't juicy!" 
And I couldn't agree with Ethan more! I don't hate on any burrito place, there are a few I do prefer over a few others, but I gotta say its tough competition between Burrito Bandidos, Burro Burrito, and Burrito Boyz. 

Chicken and Shrimp Burrito EVERYTHING ON IT

Steak and Shrimp burrito EVERYTHING ON IT except tomatoes and green peppers

Chicken and Shrimp

Steak and Shrimp