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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Quesada Mexican Grill

The infamous 14" burrito!
Quesada Mexican Grill ran out of rice when I visited March 11th so I couldn't get the 14" burrito they serve the "Big Ass Burrito", instead I settled with declining and letting them know I will gladly come back another evening; you know by the previous blog written last week that a friend and I visited Chipotle Mexican Grill. The good thing is I did go back to Quesada Mexican Grill if it wasn't for the Big Ass Burrito I would have resented them and never gone back; the Big Ass Burrito makes them special, and its a very special burrito too! The Sunday I went back a week after the 11th I asked for a "Big Ass Burrito, Spicy Chicken Chipotle please". 

As you see in the background of the picture Quesada Mexican Grill serves beer as well and that is always nice when your eating a 14" burrito. As you can see yes the burrito is slightly bigger than the water bottle; that's a Nestle water bottle just in case you needed to be reminded the size of a water bottle. The location I went to was at King and Church (Toronto) and on Sundays they close at 9. If you would like to check out other locations or menu options you can visit

My self my brother and my friend who always enjoys an excellent burrito all got the 14" Big Ass Burrito; My brother had a Steak burrito with everything on it, my friend had the Shrimp burrito everything on it except tomatoes, and I had the Spicy Chicken burrito and it is SPICY! My mouth was on fire within the first bite, its good its delicious but if spice is not a good friend of yours WARNING! Do not get the Spicy Chipotle burrito, not unless you think you can handle the spice. I also don't recommend getting medium spicy sauce and then jalapenos either, I did that and had to live with my choice I was not disappointed but my mouth was on fire! So unless spice is your absolute best friend then do what I did and order a Spicy Chicken Chipotle burrito with EVERYTHING ON IT! And if your really tough I dare you to try a Spicy Chicken Chipotle burrito with the fiery hot sauce that will give it a kick! 

As for the burritos being enormous they were all also delicious! Guacamole is 75 cents extra but its worth it because its delicious and all fresh; as all the other burritos places have been. The only ingredient that was a little disappointing was the rice it was a little uncooked, but that did not ruin the burrito; it was still delicious and I do recommend visiting a Quesada Mexican Grill location near you as well as gaining the appetite to try a Big Ass Burrito. 



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