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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Home-Made Bacon Breakfast Burrito!

BACON! Is awesome in the morning with a nice side of scrambled eggs and a hot cup of coffee or tea, which ever one tickles your fancy; personally I love a nice cup of coffee in the morning. BUT this post isn't about coffee or tea, its about burritos! And the delicious what I like to call a BACON BREAKFAST BURRITO! Sounds filling it is! Yes the only difference between my home-made burrito and other burritos is the bacon.

Make your own Bacon Breakfast Burrito
The breakfast burrito doesn't have to have bacon in it, it is highly recommended; but is not necessary if for some reason you have something against bacon. Which by the way if you do have an issue with bacon I suggest you resolve that issue A.S.A.P! Because bacon I think is one of the most amazing pieces of meat cut off the fattest part of the pig. I used chicken bacon but pork bacon is fine to, I recommend the chicken bacon because it less fatty and posses less oil.
The guacamole was made the night before. But you just smush or blend avocado, 2 cloves of garlic, quarter cup of onion, lemon or lime juice or both, 4 cherry tomatoes, 1 stem of cilantro, 1/6 of jalapenos and salt and pepper for taste; as you know some of these ingredient in guacamole are optional.
The first thing I did was scramble the eggs and heat the pan, I had a second pan heating up for the bean paste and put a few scoops of the beans on pan with some olive oil. Soften them up a bit more and then I added some white rice that was cooked the night before, and mixed that in with the beans, I added jalapenos to the rice and beans and let it cook on low for the rest of the time the eggs cooked.
With the eggs scrambled and the pan hot enough I poured the eggs onto the pan, I like to cook green onions with eggs. While that cooked on low, I started a third pan for the chicken bacon once the pan is hot enough I put some oil down and put the chicken bacon down. You have to constantly keep an eye on the bean paste because it will stick if you do not mix it around a bit every now and then.
Once everything was cooked I took the pitas and started with the cooked scrambled eggs, the beans went on top of the eggs, and then some chopped Provolone cheese, I put the bacon down, lettuce, sour creme, guacamole, salsa sauce.
Don't stuff the pita too much

And that may happen if you stuff the pita too much, or if the pita's aren't big enough. In my case I would say the pita is definitely not large enough. The burritos didn't wrap so I couldn't grill them on the George Foreman, its a sad time when a pita isn't big enough to wrap it tight enough into a perfectly round burrito. But the does not mean its not a burrito if it doesn't wrap and it half wrapped. 
That was the messiest burrito I ever ate; a lot fell out but dang! It was still an amazing home-made bacon breakfast burrito! I hope the cooking instructions were easy to read and follow and guess what! If you have your own burrito recipe you can tell me about it on my awesome burrito pages! 


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