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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Burro Burrito

They do not fail! 
That slogan "Fresh, Fast, Best" that is exactly what Burro Burrito is! The ingredients literally home-made and fresh! I mean it fresh! Fast? YES IT WAS! did not have to wait long at all before orders were taken and burritos were made. Best? For my first time visit best? YES! For my first visit someone might say that is why it was the best, but it was because it was really was fresh and fast, and their menu is a menu that you would probably never see at another burrito places that is not Burro Burrito. 

Location, Location, Location.
Burro Burrito has two locations both have pickups available as well as catering and delivery. One location is 655 College St. West. Toronto and the second is 388 Richmond St. West. Toronto. My self and a friend visited the College Street location on a Sunday evening. The hours of the College St location has generous hours, especially during the weekend on Friday and Saturday they are open from 11am to 3:30am, and because its right on College between Ossignton and Bathurst its perfect after a night out; like most locations. The College location has a spacious seating area, many tables with benches and chairs; this is a plus especially during the cold winter months or rainy springs you have a warm dry place to enjoy a delicious burrito. This is the same as most burrito restaurants but Burro Burrito has a menu with 9 different choices for a burrito. They also have naked burritos which is all the toppings without the tortilla (corn chips instead). You have the choice of burrito, naked burrito, quesadillas and tacos. But we are not talking about naked burritos, or quesadillas or tacos; we are talking about BURRITOS! And boy do they have some interesting but delicious burritos! First off there is a choice of bean black or pinto the choice of meats is when it gets interesting. There is a choice between chicken, steak, ground beef, a mix of chicken and steak, cochinita (shredded pork), soya (veggie), chorizo (ground sausage in potato), tinga (chicken breast in chipotle), Mole (chicken breast in 5 peppers); there is another that is on the restaurant menu but not on the take home menu and its a chicken with a chocolate sauce,called the molé.

Forget about the meat the burritos are FAT!

We talked about 'Big Fat Burrito' having fat burritos but Burro Burrito has very very fat burritos. As the picture shows it was a very fat burrito, its so fat they grill it on side so it doesn't explode. Its it not bad with one side grilled, its different and different is good. The grilled side of the burrito is a little crunchy, and non-grilled side is soft and moist. This is a large burrito, and the small burritos did look much smaller but the large is worth it. 

Burrito trial and error
The two burritos my self and a friend tried are somewhat the usual but different as well. Different because Burro Burrito has a chicken breast in chipotle burrito. It is shredded chicken in chipotle sauce, I didn't try it but my friend did, and he said it was amazing! I assumed the burrito would be amazing considering its a chiopotle chicken burrito! And the chicken burrito is used with dark chicken; which yes is more fattening but has so much more juice to it. Besides the meat the toppings are also just as amazing and good, why good because it all home-made and was a topping you can eat by its self. For example the rice they put on the burrito is spiced and sauced, its not just plain white or brown rice, but rice that was prepared to be eating by its self and in a burrito. Burro Burritos guacamole is also delicious, and they have a few other ingredients added to the guacamole for an extra bite. Because Burro Burrito makes big fat burritos they pre-steam the pitas so it has a little extra stretch to it, if they didn't steam the burrito they wouldn't be able to wrap them and that's a burrito fact. 

Large whole wheat Tang burrito (Chicken Breast in Chipotle)

 Large whole wheat Chicken (dark meat) burrito
Both of the burritos have EVERYTHING on it, including all the sauces sour creme and mild spice sauce. There is mild, medium and spicy, both burritos have the medium sauce they said the spicy sauce was very spicy. The medium spice is perfect but then again it always depends how well you take spice. The only thing is the second burrito the dark meat chicken burrito didn't doesn't have cilantro, oh yes Burro Burrito does put cilantro in their burritos. Oh right and CORN! Burro Burrito gives you the option of corn in your burrito! The burritos are just over 11$ including a drink, this is for large burritos a smaller burrito would obviously cost less, but no matter the size its all worth it.  



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